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Spirits of the Concrete Jungle

The Urban Pagan Community

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Urban Pagan Community
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Established in November 2001 and reestablished October 2002, this community was created for people who walk all Pagan paths, especially those who live in cities or urban areas. However, all faiths, races, genders, & ages are welcome here. Unfortunately, we've had to moderate membership to the community due to spammers and similar nuisances. Be sure before you request to join that your journal is established. This means it should have a profile page, a date of birth (even if it's just the date, or just the year), and at least ten entries spanning some length of time.

If you're not quite urban, you're still welcome of course. Feel free to post stories, musings, poetry, events, recipes, spells, prayers, articles, jokes, pictures, book reviews, and personal points of view.
I ask only two things of anyone who decides to join:
  • Respect one another. It's one thing to disagree, it's another to disrespect...ignorance will not be tolerated.
  • Please be polite enough to LJ-Cut the following:
    -Long entries. This is to be considerate of community members' friends page.
    -Large or multiple photographs, also to be considerate of other friends page.
    -Images of nudity.
    -Community promos. I do not mind the suggestion or promoting of other communities, LJ is a meeting place and networking is more than expected. But I do ask that you please post about actual topics as well.

    Welcome and Enjoy.

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  • harrietbrown: moderator, maintainer

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