Margot Adler

Margot Adler, NPR reporter and Wiccan High priestess and author of the seminal work, "Drawing Down the Moon," died over the weekend from cancer.  Our community has lost a cherished elder and leader, and the world has lost one of the good ones.

May she walk in love in the spirit world.

Here is the NPR obituary:

Joyous Beltane and Blessed Samhain!

I just wanted to wish everyone a joyous Beltane, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and a Blessed Samhain, to those in the Southern Hemisphere.  Please feel free to post pictures or other items in celebration of the sabbats. 

Judy Harrow, High Priestess, 1945-2014.

I'm sorry to say that Judy Harrow, High Priestess of Proteus Coven in NYC, and author of several books, including "Wicca Covens," has passed away.  She was one of the trailblazers in the occult revival of the 1970's and 1980's, when the contemporary Pagan movement was just getting started.

Much gratitude for all you did, Ms. Harrow.

Cleaning House

I went through the members' list, and I removed from the list people who were no longer LJ users.  If you are a current LJ user, and are using another name and want to be a member of urbanpagan, please send a request.  I will review it and decide whether to approve it or not.  We've been afflicted with spam in the past, and I'd like to avoid that in the future.

As you were!  

Two Questions: Incorporating Daily Study/Devotion & Summertime Things

Hey guys!

Question 1: Daily Study
For a while now, I've been wanting to incorporate a daily study time and/or devotional... That type of thing. However, I'm having a hard time of where to find new things to study. I spend time outside and try to fit in meditation time, but I'd like to learn some new things and feel like I'm really getting involved in something new and/or different, you know?

Question 2: Summertime Things
What kinds of things do you do around the house when it's hot/summer-y to make it refreshing and comfy -- a place you really want to be? I live with my mother, and while she's not a pagan, she likes a lot of my candle-burning and incense rituals and such, and I'd like to find some new fragrances or something that would really be great for this time of year (but not incense only because I feel like it's too "heavy" for this heat -- I'm a Virginian), or maybe some rituals or spells or something...?

Any tips or ideas?

A bit about me (if it's relevant): I'm a solitary eclectic pagan with a wide range of beliefs from Native American, Buddhist, and Wiccan and all sorts of stuff... I don't really use many tools, but I'm very much into hoodoo and root working. 

Question about WHAT you celibrate.

So I wanted some input, and here's as good a place as any to get some!

I notice a lot of posts ask about how you celebrate -blank- holiday, if you put up an altar, what you did, with whom you observe. That stuff is still rather random and throw together for me ("Uhm, okay, bread seems appropriate, sure, why not?!") but I rather enjoy a lack of set rules so that's no big deal to me. Something I fight with a lot more is what days to celebrate. I'm still (and probably forever) alone in my belief set, no friends or group to do things with, just me and some candles and a bunch of old trinkets and dried flowers. I started off just doing some sort of a cosmic thank-you-and-continue-not-freezing-me-to-death/dehydrating-me-to-death-please on equinoxes and solstices, but I don't know how I feel about observing, say, ALL of the traditional sabbats.

So how did/do you guys figure out what you want to really DO as a pagan, and when? Is it a daily thing? Monthly? Did a pantheon decide for you? Or is it all just "Hey, it's Tuesday: that works for me!" kind of winging it? And as it's the urban pagan page, how has the city effected all this?